Solutions & Services

Solutions & Services

Managed Staffing Services

The implementation of large-scale contingent workforce solutions, such as our Managed Staffing Programs, is where ZetaBit truly shines (MSP). To meet unique hiring difficulties and workflows, we build and install turnkey MSPs. Our MSP services ensure that your contract hiring is transparent and accountable.

ZetaBit’s MSP, which works at the convergence of technology and human resources, is an efficient solution for an employer to manage their contingent workforce. Dedicated client teams oversee every component of the program, sometimes as a vendor-on-premises:

  • icon Establishment of best-practices in recruiting.
  • icon Selection and management of suppliers.
  • icon Integration with the Vendor Management System.
  • icon Accountability and performance analytics.

We provide Vendor Management System to enhance our MSP service. We can also assist you in evaluating and implementing a variety of VMS technology platforms.

Make a plan to achieve your goals

Time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, and other critical metrics all benefit from a well-executed MSP. The following are the steps in a typical ZetaBit technology-driven MSP solution rollout:

Plan for Success: Prioritize hiring requirements and keep track of skill sets, hiring procedures, and internal processes.

Select Suppliers: Sources of competent candidates should be qualified and engaged.

Deploy Technology: Using ZetaBit’s VMS or your existing platform, centralize hiring activity.

Implement the Program: Develop hiring manager protocols and mobilize to identify and filter quality candidates.

Streamline Operations: Order delivery, fulfilment, timesheet management, invoice processing, and payment procedures can all be made easier.

Manage Results: Metrics, customizable activities, and performance reports may all help you manage your outcomes.

Optimize Performance: For continued success, examine and adjust the managed staffing program on a regular basis.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Costs of acquiring talent skyrocketing? Having trouble locating qualified employees? Is your employer’s image shabby? Is your HR department overworked?

If any of these instances sound familiar, they’re all good reasons to pursue a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) arrangement to increase the efficiency, speed, and quality of your direct hiring operations. ZetaBit assists you in transforming your talent acquisition function by leveraging your internal tools and resources.

RPO Solutions – Increasing the worth of the company

In its most basic form, recruitment process outsourcing entails entrusting part or all of the activities connected with hiring experts for direct customer employment to an external business.

ZetaBit acts as an extension of your organization, handling duties such as enterprise-wide hiring and focused recruiting, such as:

  • icon Candidate attraction strategies
  • icon Assure compliance with regulatory codes and standards
  • icon Competency-based interviewing
  • icon Technical and skill-based assessments
  • icon Interview scheduling
  • icon Candidate follow-up and offer management
  • icon Applicant tracking and HR system data entry
  • icon Detailed reference checking
  • icon Background checks and drug screening
  • icon Onboarding and corporate orientation

We handle as much of the recruiting process as you require, allowing you to focus on your core business. Complete customization offers the optimal solution for a variety of cases, such as:

  • icon Ongoing recruiting needs across the enterprise
  • icon High-volume initiatives for similar positions
  • icon High-impact projects requiring rapid turnaround
  • icon New market or product launches
  • icon Diversity hiring initiatives

Whether you choose a partial process or an end-to-end recruiting process outsourcing solution, we’ll represent you with professionalism and personality as a brand ambassador.

Vendor Management System

When a firm uses numerous staffing vendors to deliver their workforce solutions, ZetaBit delivers a Vendor Management System (VMS) to simplify the process. Our vendor management system (VMS) is a secure software-as-a-service (SaaS) program that delivers job requirements to vendor staffing firms, recruiters, consulting firms, and other specialized vendors.

The application monitoring, screening, interviewing, offer, and onboarding stages of the hiring process are made easier with our VMS staffing platform. With project level metrics, our VMS also provides labor time submission, approval, and payment.

Our VMS has everything you need to standardize workflows for major hiring procedures, provide metrics-based tracking, and reduce the time it takes to fill open positions. Key features of ZetaBit’s VMS staffing technology include:

Standalone, vendor-neutral VMS

With centralized and non-biased vendor coordination, we manage third-party VMS staffing arrangements.

Our VMS is also available as part of our managed staffing solutions.

Our clients use our VMS to gain outstanding value while avoiding risk and burden, which is often structured under a primary and/or onsite vendor agreement. Let ZetaBit explain how our technology can work for your firm and streamline your staffing vendor management difficulties if you’re interested in Vendor Management System staffing solutions.

IT services

Our service solutions are tailored to our customers’ evolving needs. From strategy development through impact delivery, we offer a wide range of services.

  • icon ADad
  • icon Infrastructure and Cloud Services
  • icon Cyber Security
  • icon Performance Engineering
  • icon Enterprise of Future
  • icon Artificial Intelligence
  • icon Integrated Engineering Solutions
  • icon Data Analytics
  • icon Business Process Services
  • icon Customer Experience
  • icon Intelligent Automation
  • icon SAP
  • icon Network Services
  • icon Testing Services
  • icon Telecom Product Engineering
  • icon Digital Supply Chain

Recruitment and Staffing

Whatever you choose to call it – staffing, recruiting, staff augmentation, contracting, or something else entirely – ZetaBit helps businesses and organizations locate top personnel for contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire positions. Our staffing solutions make hiring managers’ lives easier by:

  • icon Even in a tight labor market, ensuring access to elite talent.
  • icon Allowing recruiting managers and HR employees to focus on other objectives by freeing up their time and attention.
  • icon Lowering the costs of hiring, screening, and onboarding new employees
  • icon Scalability and flexibility are enhanced through contract staffing.
Did you know that over 3 million people in the United States work as contract or temporary employees each week? There’s a reason for this: contract staffing helps businesses to:
  • icon Adapt to cyclical demand, project requirements, and times when talent is in high demand.
  • icon Before making a permanent hire, assess an employee’s talents and cultural fit.
  • icon Recruiting, hiring, and managing a contingent workforce are all tasks that can be outsourced.
  • icon Ensure that your permanent personnel are working on more difficult and high-priority projects.

Many job seekers recognize the advantages of contract work, which include flexible work schedules, exposure to new environments and technologies, and the chance to work for a variety of firms. It’s a terrific fit for everyone, and ZetaBit’s ability to manage contract assignments has helped us become a national leader.

ZetaBit customizes managed staffing programs, including vendor management system integration, for complete contingent workforce solutions. We also provide payrolling services if you choose to take use of our shared services capabilities.

Direct hire staffing for critical hires

ZetaBit excels at direct hire staffing solutions by uncovering hidden talent with hard-to-find talents. Our recruiters and staffing experts thrive where others fail because they possess the following skills:

  • icon hey have extensive connections and hands-on expertise in their respective fields.
  • icon Data mining and direct sourcing techniques have been extensively trained.
  • icon Excellent recruiting tools and technologies are available to you.
  • icon Expertise in behavioral interviewing based on best practices

For firms that require great talent for full-time employment positions, we are the partner of choice. Our recruitment process outsourcing workforce solutions can also be used to enhance your complete talent acquisition function. There are a lot of staffing firms to select from, so let us show you why ZetaBit Staffing stands apart.


Solutions & Services

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